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Introducing our law firm

Founded in 2017,

Lockhart Law Office, P.C. focuses 

on Divorce & Family Law

Here at 
Lockhart Law Office, P.C. 


We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality legal service in the areas of Divorce and Family Law. We primarily focus on the rights of Fathers, same-sex couples and grandparents in both Supreme and Family Court in Syracuse and surrounding areas. We believe shared parenting is important for your children because they deserve the love and care of both parents. Your children and should not have to choose sides simply because their parents are no longer together.

Our Firm is committed to obtaining the best possible results for you and your children. We are someone you can count on to be by your side. If you believe that you need assistance navigating your complex family law issues such as child custody, visitation and/or parenting time, child support, alimony and/or maintenance, divorce and/or separation you should contact Lockhart Law Office today to schedule a consultation.

Our Business Sectors

Our Team

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Beth A. Lockhart, Esq.


Family Law & Divorce Law



& Separation

The legal dissolution of a marriage by the court or a legal contract between the parties by agreement. 



The protective care or guardianship of someone under the age of 18 and establishing a parenting time schedule. 



The action or fact of legally  taking another's child and bringing them up as one's own. 



Child Support, Alimony, or Spousal Maintenance.


Other Practice Areas


Bankruptcies, Orders of Protection, Real Estate & Traffic Tickets


Prepared, Straight Forward, and consistent...

Beth has been an asset in our current custody battle. She is always prepared when we are in court and always citing case law to further fight our side. Beth is an incredible attorney and has given us optimism in father's rights. Will never use anyone else!


Beth is aggressive and will fight for your rights. I endorse this attorney.


Beth Lockhart was recommended to me by a friend. Subsequently I was represented by her during my divorce and she made the stressful and difficult process much easier. Her depth of knowledge of family law is quite extensive and she was attentive to my situation and was responsive to my questions, calls and emails. I have recommended her to other members of my family and she has always provided great service in a timely manner.

Cup of Coffee

I work in the court system and come across the majority of attorneys. By far Beth is on the top for her caring approach and knowledge. all around an excellent attorney.

Businessman holding briefcase, close up


Beth represented me in my custody case, and she worked very hard and tirelessly to get the most fair outcome for me and my kids. She fights very hard for her clients, whether it's for custody or not. I am very grateful for having her as my attorney.

Jason Zieglar, Esq.

Ken Isyk, Officer

Great Lawyer!

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